In Swtor, Can You Alter Your Advanced Class?

Alter your advanced class – Old Republic lead combat designer Georg Zoeller revealed that players will be able to respec within an Advanced Class in a post on the official SWTOR forum. When it comes to switching from one Advanced Class to another, though, things get a little murky.

Is it possible to modify specs in SWTOR while keeping this in mind?

Field respecialization is a heritage perk that can be purchased for 200k credits. Outside of battle or warzones, you can alter your spec whenever you choose. To reset your specialisation window after purchasing this perk, simply open it and hit the abandon button.

You might also wonder if you can dual-spec in SWTOR. The heritage bonuses include a dual-spec option. Purchase it and alter it whenever you want, anyplace you want, as long as you’re not in PVP or fighting, I believe. It simply does not save your hot bars or layouts. As a result, each time you change, you must locate and redo all of your buttoms. Every single time.

How do you modify your discipline in SWTOR in this regard?

The character’s discipline can be changed at the Skill Mentor> aboard the Fleet in the Combat Training Section, or immediately in the Discipline window if the Player has purchased the character perk Field Respecialization. The Player’s Role is determined by the Discipline they choose, whether it is to heal, tank, or deal damage.

Is it possible to respec in SWTOR?

Players will be allowed to respec for free once a week, however after that it will cost Credits. It won’t cost much at begin, but as you respec, it will cost more.

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What can I do to improve my discipline?

10 Effective Techniques for Improving Self-Control

Recognize your flaws. We all have our flaws.

Take away all temptations.

Establish defined objectives and a strategy for achieving them.

Develop your self-control.

Keep it simple to form new habits.

Eat frequently and in a healthy manner.

Change the way you think about willpower.

Make a contingency plan for yourself.

Which Jedi Sentinel discipline is the most effective?

By far the most effective discipline is concentration.

It has excellent burst, the most dps of all three disciplines, and a fair AoE for killing trash mobs. It also has the best mobility of all three disciplines thanks to the second leap, which automatically breaks roots and provides cc immunity every 30 seconds.

In SWTOR, how can you reset your talents?

In the combat training section, there is a skill mentor who will reset your skill points. The Skill Mentors can be found on your fleet’s space station as well as at your faction’s capital city. Once a week, the skill mentor will offer to reset your talents for free (week countdown starts when you reset your skill tree).


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