Are Raccoons Good Pets? Can You Have a Pet Raccoon?

Are Raccoons Good Pets? Can You Have a Pet Raccoon?Have you ever fantasised about having a pet raccoon? If you reside in one of the states that allows pet raccoons, your fantasy may come true. So, which states allow domestication of raccoons? On the list are:






North Carolina is a state in the United States.

South Carolina is a state in the United States.









West Virginia is a state in the United States.

But just because you can get a raccoon as a pet doesn’t mean you should. After all, there are a lot of permit-related logistical hurdles to jump through, as well as a lot of hard-and-fast restrictions. In Arkansas, for example, no one can have more than five raccoons at a time. A wild animal permit is required in Indiana and other states. A veterinarian must also “approve” the animal before it may be brought into North Carolina.

Is Having a Raccoon as a Pet Safe?

Apart from the legality difficulties in some areas, you need think about your lifestyle and resources. Although it may sound like standard pet adoption advice, raccoons are not your typical house pets. Adopting a raccoon pet, for example, is significantly more difficult than adopting a cat or dog. Attempting to domesticate a wild raccoon that visits your yard is a bad idea, so if you’re serious about adoption, call a wildlife rehabilitator or veterinarian to see if they know of an injured raccoon in need of a foster home.

Tito the Raccoon courtesy of YouTube

Furthermore, if you come across a newborn raccoon in the wild, make sure it is orphaned and/or injured before attempting to save it. If the baby isn’t wounded, the Humane Society recommends putting it in a clothes hamper (with a light weight on top) or a pet carrier with the door closed with an angled stick. That way, if the mother is only out hunting, she may simply free her young from the makeshift pen when she returns.

If waiting for a raccoon in need isn’t your thing, you might be able to adopt one from a reputable breeder for a price. However, there are a lot of additional things to think about before introducing a raccoon into your house.

Considerations for Pet Raccoons’ Health and Habitat

Many of the reasons why raccoons make terrific pets for some individuals are also the reasons why they aren’t suitable pets for others. Raccoons, on the other hand, are highly clever creatures with excellent memory and problem-solving abilities. Raccoons, like dogs, can be toilet trained and learn their names and a few simple commands thanks to their intelligence. Raccoons, on the other hand, have certain cat-like characteristics: they may understand a command, but this does not necessarily transfer into compliance.

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