Does Water Have Life or Not?

Does water have life in it? Although there are numerous parallels between living and nonliving objects, water is not one of them. Water has two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom in its chemical makeup.

Water is not a living thing. Water has the ability to power a variety of people and objects. Water has special qualities, such as being polar, being a great solvent, and having a lower density as a solid than a liquid. Why doesn’t water have life in it? Learn more by reading on.

What Biological Organisms Need Water?

Water is a necessity for every life on the earth to live. In actuality, more species of life exist on Earth in the ocean than anywhere else. But even creatures of the earth and the air require water. Humans, mammals, and single-celled organisms like cyanobacteria all require water. Even plants need water to survive.

Why Doesn’t Water “Live”?

A living creature is made up of a few specific traits. In general, living creatures have the capacity for procreation, growth, transformation into something else, change, and demise. For example, living organisms need light, water, food, oxygen, and shelter in order to survive. Water cannot reproduce but it is one of the components of life. It neither evolves nor grows, nor does it perish.

What Additional “Nonliving” Things Exist?

You could see both living things and nonliving things in a forest, if you went there. Many living species, including trees, animals, microbes, and fungi, can be found in forests. Nonliving substances like water (or rain), sunlight, oxygen, and rocks would also be visible.

What Are Some Other Fallacies Regarding Living and Nonliving Things?

Not just water is frequently mistaken for being a living thing (or vice versa). In contrast, some people might think that a seed isn’t a living thing. Of course, a seed may not yield fruit without air, water or soil, but it’s still a living organism. It only need nutrition for growth. A leaf that falls to the ground is seen as being dead, despite the fact that it is still a living entity.

Because of attributes like “angry,” “gentle,” or “powerful,” wind and water are frequently misunderstood for being living creatures. However, wind and water are both nonliving.

What Are Questions to Ask in Order to Determine Whether Something Is Living or Not?

There are various signs that can help you determine whether something is living or not.

You can figure it out by asking yourself these questions. Some questions you might pose to yourself include:

Can it perish?

Does it require food to survive?

Can it procreate or bear children?

Does it evolve, grow, or change?

Does it have a living source? (For instance, a mother gives birth to a child.)

The majority of live things have the aforementioned qualities, hence if the answer to these questions is “no,” it is probably a nonliving object.

Why Do People Think Water Is a Living Thing?

Due to its qualities, water is frequently mistaken for a living organism, much like wind. Since it is essential to all life, water is particularly perplexing. On the other hand, consider the various ways in which people characterise water, such as “strong” undertow, “weak” trickle, or “heavy” rain. Water can also alter shape and form, as seen with ice and steam. Some people might be able to mistake these changes for life features because all live things grow and evolve.

Misha Khatri
Misha Khatri is an emeritus professor in the University of Notre Dame's Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. He graduated from Northern Illinois University with a BSc in Chemistry and Mathematics and a PhD in Physical Analytical Chemistry from the University of Utah.


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