How Can Cracker Barrel Employees Get Payroll Information?

The website has payroll information for Cracker Barrel Old Country Store employees. Both current and past employees can see payroll information.

Enter your Cracker Barrel employee number as your user name and the last four digits of your Social Security number as your password to access the employee system at Former and present Cracker Barrel employees can access electronic copies of their W-2 forms through the same website. Employees can also request a W-2 form by calling 1-800-240-4367 and asking for Ext. 63013, as of December 2015.

In their first year, hourly employees at Cracker Barrel are eligible for up to three salary rises. They can also take paid vacations, receive paid training, and receive performance-based remuneration. When employees eat during their shift, they receive a 50% discount.

Employees at Cracker Barrel who want to compare their income to that of other Cracker Barrel employees can go to Enter “Cracker Barrel” in the search bar. Payscale provides salary and hourly rate information by job, experience level, and area. Employees’ self-reports provide the data. As of December 2015, 76 Cracker Barrel employees had provided pay information.

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