How Do You Check the Status of Your Haband Order?

How Do You Check the Status of Your Haband Order?Click Order Status in the upper-right corner of to check the status of your Haband order. If you have a Haband account, log in and click the Order History link to see your most recent and all previous orders with the firm.

Once the company receives the order, it normally takes two days to process it. The order’s transit time is determined by the shipping method chosen. Your order’s processing and delivery status is displayed on the Order Status page.

You must provide both the order number and the billing ZIP code on the Order Status page. To examine the details of that specific order, go to the bottom of the page and click the View Order option. To access the Order History page if you have an online Haband account, enter the email address and password linked with the account.

Call the service line at 800-213-1220 if you prefer to speak with a live person. This is not to be confused with the order line number. The order line number cannot be used to check on the progress of your order because it is only used to take orders and not to offer customer support information. Sending an email to is another option.

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