How Do You Determine the Value of Emmett Kelly Memorabilia?

Visit internet sites that sell Emmett Kelly Jr. collectible figurines on the secondary market to uncover current values for his collectibles. Emmett Kelly Jr. collectibles are currently selling for under $20 on the low end and over $1,000 on the high end as of 2014.

In the early 1980s, the first legally licenced Emmett Kelly Jr. clown figurines were released. Fans of the popular clown can look for some of these early works on the internet. Because there is no formal pricing guide, dealers must determine their own rates based on estimates.

Kelly figurines are plentiful on the secondary market, but first editions are extremely uncommon. Green Stuff Licensing, which approves figurine licensees, is the official licensee for Emmett Kelly Jr. goods. Kelly miniatures from the 1980s are rare, which is why they are worth more than $1,000.

Because production licences for Emmett Kelly Jr. souvenirs are still being issued, some modern figurine makers also produce limited versions. Limited edition figurines are almost always more expensive than mass-produced figures.

During the 1964 World’s Fair, Emmett Kelly, Jr. received his big break as an exhibit salesperson for the Eastern Kodak Company.

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