How Long Does Peel And Stick Wallpaper Really Last?

Peel and stick wallpaper, commonly known as temporary or removable wallpapers, has made a remarkable resurgence in the interior designing industry. Coming out with better paper quality, suitable adhesives, and versatile options of designs, peel and stick wallpapers have become the superior choice.

Other than using these wallpapers on walls, people are using them as DIYers. People use them to add a pop of color to the closet doors and make kitchen islands stand out.

There is no doubt that these wallpaper add a spark to your walls and make them look stunning. This convenient decorating material allows you to enjoy renovating your space with minimal hassle.

Well, if you are considering this ideal decor material for the first time, it is natural to have the curiosity to know more about it. These removable wallpapers offer an instant, ready-to-use look for your home and the advantage of changing them anytime.

Now, that’s where you can have doubts!  Being a little more skeptical about these wallpapers is normal if you are a first-time user. So, most of you must be wondering how these affordable, DIY-friendly wallpapers actually hold up over time? Let’s look at the honest thoughts that will help you choose these peel and stick wall paper for your home.

What makes peel and stick wallpaper an impressive option?

The biggest reason to put your hands on peel and stick wallpaper is because of its friendly installation process. The easy application of this wallpaper makes the home renovation a single weekend project. As the adhesive is already applied on the back, there is less of a hurdle and mess in applying this wallpaper.

Another perk of this wallpaper is that it offers a property of easy demountable. It can be reused and removed without any requirement for an additional adhesive. It means you can change the theme of your home quickly without any need for labor. Moreover, along with their incredibly convenient advantage, these wallpapers help save your precious time. 

Furthermore, if you are a tenant and do not have the option to get your space painted, Without any doubt, go for peel and stick wallpapers. Even if you are a college student and want to add some extra charm to your room, this decorative material will be your best friend.

Also, these wallpapers will give you no chance to fret as they do not cause any damage to your walls. When choosing a long-lasting peel and stick wallpaper, it is essential to count only on high-quality paper.

The words will fall short for appreciating this wallpaper. Another reason that makes these wallpapers a significant choice is their design versatility. There are a ton of options of designs available in the market or on online platforms, and you can easily find a perfect match for your wall.

Whether you need peel and stick nursery wallpaper or some quirky themes, you can get that effortlessly at an affordable range.

The honest answer to the life of peel and stick wallpaper

Wallpapers can have an astonishingly long shelf life depending on the beforehand steps you do. If you pay a little extra attention and follow adequate maintenance of your wallpaper, you can find your original wallpaper in the same condition for as long as you want. According to the research and facts, if your wallpaper is appropriately installed, it will certainly last a minimum of 15 years.

The probability of getting your wallpaper damaged is very low compared to the likelihood that you will get tired of it. By the way, have you ever thought of the reason behind a wallpaper’s durability?

If No, then you are at the appropriate place. The wallpaper lasts for a long time primarily because of its firm attachment to the wall surface. The strong adhesives play an essential role in the long shelf life of the wallpaper.

Additionally, the steps you follow before applying your peel and stick wallpaper to the wall also result in its life. A good trick you should follow to enhance the durability of your wallpaper is to clean your walls properly.

Secondly, use the right amount of wallpaper and the right tools to apply it. Start the installation procedure and keep an eye on the backing. Always ensure that your wallpaper does not form any air bubbles and is tightly stuck to the walls. Apply a little pressure to the wallpaper with your hands or tools for its tight adhesion to the wall surface.

On the whole, if you have followed the instructions and manufacturer’s guidelines carefully during wallpaper installation, you can count on the wallpaper lasting for as long as you don’t get bored.


After reading this article, you can confidently buy the peel and stick wallpaper for your home. The removable wallpaper will live up to your expectations. So, what are you waiting for? Go and buy the beautiful designs of this wallpaper from an extensive range of choices. Hope you liked this informative article!


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