How Many Acres Are in a Section of Land?

A parcel of property has 640 acres. 1 square mile, or 27,878,400 square feet, is a chunk of land. A square acre is 43,560 ft. A section is divided into 640 acres.

The ease with which the property can be divided into halves and quarters using whole-acre measures is one of the reasons for measuring land into sections of 640 acres. Without a strong background in mathematics, one may very simply divide a quarter section of land, or 160 acres, into quarters, or a quarter-quarter section, of 40 acres. A quarter-quarter section of land was the smallest land parcel that could be purchased in 1832.

Misha Khatri
Misha Khatri is an emeritus professor in the University of Notre Dame's Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. He graduated from Northern Illinois University with a BSc in Chemistry and Mathematics and a PhD in Physical Analytical Chemistry from the University of Utah.


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