How many feet is 60 inches?

If you are 60 inches tall, you might want to know how tall you are in feet. For those who don’t know, inches and feet are units of measurement in the U.S. customary and Imperial systems.

The Imperial system was created in Britain and is still used there. In these ways of measuring, 1 foot is equal to 12 inches. So, how many feet is 60 inches? With a little math, you can see that 60 inches is equal to 5 feet.

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The names of these units of measure may sound funny, but they come from the different, less standard ways people used to measure lengths, distances, and weights in the past. People still used the words “pound,” “foot,” and “gallon,” but their meanings changed depending on the situation.

As world trade grew and spread, it was decided that a more formal, concrete way to measure things was needed. This led to the creation of the Imperial system. But most countries in the modern world now use the metric system, which is also called the International System of Units.


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