How Many Stamps Do You Use on a 912 Envelope?

How Many Stamps Do You Use on a 912 Envelope?The United States Postal Service (USPS) classifies a 9-by-12-inch envelope as a large envelope.

But what does this mean for postage? If you need to send outgoing mail that is relatively flat but doesn’t fit in a standard letter envelope, you may be wondering how many stamps you’ll need. Learn how many stamps to place on a 9×12 envelope to cover its cost and ensure its safe arrival.

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Adding Postage to 912 Envelopes Weighing Over an Ounce

Two First-Class stamps will cover the cost of a 9-by-12-inch envelope weighing less than one ounce. The value of a First-Class stamp is $0.55, but the cost to mail a large envelope is only $1.00, so using stamps will cost you an additional $0.10.

If your 9×12 envelope weighs more than 1 ounce, you will need additional stamps, the number of which will depend on the total weight. You must pay $0.20 per additional ounce. Therefore, mailing a package weighing 4.3 ounces will cost $1.80, or four First-Class stamps.

If you are uncertain about costs, you can use the USPS postage calculator to place the correct number of stamps on your envelope. However, First Class stamps are not your only option for postage.

Paying Postage for a 9×12 Envelope

If you are mailing some papers or thin items in a 9×12 envelope, you can affix two First-Class stamps to it and drop it into your mailbox. The postal carrier will then retrieve it and deliver it.

Consider that if you choose this path, you may end up paying slightly more than necessary. If you don’t mind travelling to your local post office, you can have your package weighed and pay for it using a debit card, credit card, cash, or another form of payment that your local post office accepts.

This option prevents you from overpaying, but may require you to wait in line. When you go to the post office, you may not pay much for postage, but you will pay a time cost for the minor inconvenience. You may therefore opt to calculate postage at home. Thanks to a multitude of services and helpful products, weighing and paying is simple, but it may not be efficient if you’re only mailing one item or don’t ship frequently.

For instance, if you prefer to avoid waiting in line at the post office while retaining your First-Class stamps, you could purchase the necessary packaging supplies based on your shipping habits. Then, you could use an online postage service to calculate your shipping costs and print a label. The USPS’s Click-N-Ship service allows users to weigh their mail and print shipping labels within minutes. Alternatively, provides customers with free postal scales and discounts on postage.

Other Variables That Can Impact the Postage Cost of Your Envelope

If your large envelope is not completely flat, you may incur additional delivery costs. One of the post office’s many machines can automatically sort flat envelopes, but workers must manually sort lumpy or rigid envelopes. This increases the cost because it adds a little extra labour to the process.

Consider, for instance, that you still want to send that 2-ounce 9×12 envelope, but it’s a little lumpy. You may be required to pay $3.85 ($2.05 more) to mail a package. Depending on your destination and the type of unusual package you’re attempting to mail, exact additional fees will vary.

However, 9×12 envelopes are an excellent size for easily shipping a variety of items. Among the most common items that can be shipped in large 912 envelopes are:






Miniature artwork

The majority of these items are flat, making them ideal for mailing in large envelopes as opposed to boxes. When it comes to mailing items in larger 912 envelopes, remember that flat and flexible are the best (and cheapest) options.

Quicker Mailing Options for Your 9×12 Envelope

When you need your package to reach its destination as quickly as possible, you may not want to use a First-Class stamp. Even though the correct number of First-Class stamps could get your large envelope to its destination within one to three business days (at least for domestic mailing), there is a faster option.

Priority Mail Express 2-Day service from the United States Postal Service guarantees either same-day or two-day delivery. Considering that the USPS processes nearly 500 million pieces of mail per day, this is a remarkable turnaround. However, you should expect to pay more for this type of expedited service.

A large, flat, flexible envelope weighing 1 ounce and mailed with First-Class stamps could cost $1.10. However, Priority Mail Express 2-Day service for the same package would cost $26.60. However, the USPS provides valuable and exceptional services for those who need to ship items quickly. Priority Mail delivery may be worth the additional cost when time is of the essence.


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