How Much Are Boyds Bears Worth On The Current Market?

How Much Are Boyds Bears Worth On The Current Market?Boyds Bears vary in value based on the specific bear that the owner possesses, but the most valuable ones are worth between $150 and $800.

In general, the greater the rarity of a Boyds Bear, the greater its current value.

As of 2016, the most valuable Boyds Bear is the Fleurette Bear. There were only six of these teddy bears produced, which gives them an estimated value of $700. The Bailey Bear No. 1, which is valued at $644, and the Rudolf Bear, which is valued at $511, are also extremely valuable bears. In addition, the Nana Panda is estimated to be worth $585.

The second edition of the Boyds Tracker and the Boyds Collection Collector’s Value Guide are helpful resources for determining the value of a specific bear, even though some prices have changed slightly since their publication.

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