How Much Are Boyds Bears Worth Right Now?

Boyds Bears were popular childhood toys, and chances are you had one in your home if you were a child between the 1980s and the early 2000s. They were discontinued in 2014, yet enthusiasts still treasure the nostalgic value of these rare stuffed animals and sculptures, noted for their intricate details and distinctive themes.

Where did the Boyds Bears begin? What are Boyds Bears currently worth? What are the market’s rarest Boyds Bears?

Boyd’s Bears’ past

G.M. Lowenthal and Justina Unger, a husband and wife team, came up with the idea for Boyds Bears in 1979. Their namesake is the Maryland town where the business was founded (Boyds, Maryland).

Lowenthal and Unger initially just sold antiques, but Lowenthal soon discovered a passion for creating and putting together teddy bears. After his first-born son, he gave the first finished bear the name Matthew. Business grew as a result of Lowenthal’s subsequent creation and expansion of his Boyds Bear collection.

Boyds Bears started out making simply plush bears, then expanded to making other cute animals like ducks and bunnies. The corporation was forced to develop further in 1987 after moving from Maryland to Pennsylvania.

The Boyds Bears company started making resin figures in 1993, and throughout time, five distinct resin collections in various designs were released. Boyd’s works quickly became popular among collectors, especially after their product lineup grew to include ornaments, tree toppers, outdoor garden sculptures, and other items.

There are now Boyds Bears fan clubs all over the world. In 1996, the company even launched a membership organisation called the “Loyal Order of Friends of Boyds” that allowed collectors access to new and unusual bears every season.

Boyds Bears kept operating as a labour of love despite their quick expansion. Lowenthal insisted on manually assembling and inspecting each component. He concentrated on creating products that were both affordable and, ideally, collectible. He retired a few of bears each year to put them on the path to becoming collectors.

The business couldn’t survive into the 2010s despite its astronomical success in the 1990s and early 2000s. Boyds Bears was acquired by the gift business Enesco in 2008. In 2014, Enesco placed the Boyds Bears into “hibernation” as a result of escalating production expenses.

In terms of vintage toys, they are still relatively new because production ended so recently. What does this imply about their worth? Is this the ideal time to begin developing your own collection or to sell your pre-owned Boyds?

How Much Are They Now?

What is a Boyds Bear’s typical value in comparison to toys like Beanie Babies, which can cost thousands of dollars? Boyds Bears are available online and in stores for a variety of pricing, just like other antique toys.

More money will be paid for rarer bears, as we’ll discuss in the part after this. Boyds Bears has almost 41,000 results on eBay as of June 2022. A sealed 8-inch Plush Blossom Gardenberry by Boyds Bears is currently the most expensive bear available on eBay, with a starting bid of $9,800. On the other hand, the Enesco Ornament that is up for auction and has a starting price of under $.01 is the most affordable Boyds Bear.

The price of a Boyds Bear can be significantly impacted by its condition. A Boyds Bear that has not been opened and is still sealed in its original packaging is worth more. Even if they are difficult to locate, well-loved Boyds Bears that are damaged, filthy, or matted are unlikely to fetch very much money.

However, newer Boyds Bears don’t always have a higher value than older ones. Boyds Bears manufactured after 2008 (when Enesco acquired the business) are not nearly as valuable as those tagged with the original brand.

Boyds Bears are special figurines that possess sentimental meaning for many people who grew up with them on their mantles or in their beds. Arlynn’s Country Crafts on YouTube has a video showcasing her Boyds Bears collection that has had over 6,700 views and 100 comments from fans who love the miniatures.

Nearly 20,000 posts with the hashtag #boydsbears on Instagram are from fans and collectors. The Boyds Bears Collections For Sale, a closed Facebook group, has more than 4,000 members. People who have a nostalgic perspective on the bears would be willing to spend more money on a statue or plush animal that holds special memories.

However, you can probably find Boyds Bears for a reasonable price at garage or estate sales, thrift stores, or online auction sites.

What Are Boyds Bears’ Rarest Bears?

There are numerous collectors’ value guides online that you may access if you want to know how uncommon any particular Boyds Bear is. All five of the resin Boyds Bears collections are covered in one well-known guide, the Boyds Bears and Friends’ Collectors Value Guide.

But because it dates from 2001, it doesn’t include today’s prices. However, it can offer some insight into the more expensive and rarer bears and figurines from the 1990s.

The rarest Boyds Bears of the hundreds that have been created are typically ones that are a part of a limited run or weren’t created in large quantities. Some Boyds Bears have been sent to thousands of homes, while others were only made in batches of 12 or fewer.

For instance, the Fleurette Hare was produced in extremely small quantities. They were only ever produced in six. As a result, many of these stuffed animals cost much over $100.

The Collectors Value Guide assigns prices to resin figurines based on collections. The “Christmas Bear Elf With List,” which was decommissioned in 1994, seems to be the rarest Boyds Bear from the Bearstone Collection. It was predicted to be priced at more than 6,223% of its original value as of 2001.

The rarest item in the Folkstone Collection is designated as “Ethereal…Angel of Light,” which the guide assessed to be worth over 895% of its original cost. The most expensive item in the Dollstone Collection, “Jennifer with Priscilla,” is claimed to be worth close to 1,000% of its original cost.

In the end, Boyds Bear pricing may depend on a variety of factors, including rarity, condition, and mood. They still don’t quite compare to the outrageous price of rare Beanie Babies. If you’ve discovered Boyds Bears lying around your house (especially any of the more uncommon ones), it would be worthwhile to keep them for a little while longer because they increase in value.

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