How Much CoQ10 Is Enough?

Are you interested in learning about CoQ10? Do you know what it is, what it does, or who exactly should have CoQ10 in their routines, based on safety and other protocol? Has the question, “How much CoQ10 should I take in a day?” ever popped up in your mind?

Many people who are interested in health and beauty also have a pretty strong interest in the usefulness of supplements, although this is certainly not the case for all of them.

That means that, even if you’re interested in taking care of your body, you might know everything that you might want to about supplements and the positive or negative effects some of them can have on you.

That also means that you might not know what CoQ10 is, or you may not have ever heard of it before opening this article. So those potential benefits, or negative aspects, could also be unknown by you. However, it’s never a good idea to start taking supplements blindly, without doing a little bit of research.

Additionally, if you are ever unsure of the potential effects that a supplement or something else could have on your body, it’s a great idea to have a serious conversation about it with your doctor or another medical health professional. 

For example, if you’re wondering, “How much CoQ10 should I take?” based on your own personal circumstances, going to your doctor could be a good first step.

What is CoQ10?

Mayo Clinic explains that CoQ10 stands for coenzyme Q10, meaning that it’s a coenzyme. Additionally, CoQ10 has also been classified as an antioxidant, and it’s also one that is naturally produced by the body. Based on that, the conclusion can be drawn that many people have the appropriate levels, or close to them, of CoQ10 in their bodies already.

However, and unfortunately, CoQ10 levels do have a tendency to dip in some people, especially those who are aging upward. Further, there are others with conditions or who take particular medications who can also have lowered CoQ10 levels. 

Generally, these are the people who might want to ask, “How much CoQ10 should I take based on my condition or medication?” specifically to their doctors. That means it likely won’t be necessary to take extra CoQ10 if you don’t have a lowered or lowering level of CoQ10 in your body.

How Much CoQ10 Should I Take?

If you’re wondering, “how much CoQ10 should I take?” that might mean that you are aware you have dropping levels of CoQ10 in your body, or you’re simply aware of some of the benefits that CoQ10 can have on you and your daily life. 

However, the amount of CoQ10 that you should be having on a daily basis is going to depend on what brand of supplement you’re interested in using, as well as what some of your medical concerns might be. Many traditional brands will recommend taking somewhere between 500 mg and 1200 mg of CoQ10 daily, while others focus on high absorbancy CoQ10.

In some cases of high absorbancy CoQ10, the recommended daily dose may be as low as 10 mg per day. However, this may still depend on your medical worries and the opinion or recommendation of your medical health professional.

Who Should Take CoQ10 Supplements?

Based on scientific studies and conservative levels of concern, there are some people who are recommended to not take CoQ10 supplements at all. This group of people includes children, pregnant persons, or persons who are breastfeeding babies.

However, based on the lowering levels of CoQ10 in some people, there are a handful of groups who could especially benefit from taking these supplements in particular, especially with a recommendation from their doctor or another medical health professional. 

These include people who are aging, those with particular heart diseases, or those taking statins to lower their cholesterol levels, as these are groups that are most likely to experience lowered levels of CoQ10.

There are also some supposed, though not yet scientifically confirmed, positive aspects of CoQ10 supplements that could be preventative against particular heart diseases, as well as a handful of other harmful scenarios. 

Again, more research needs to be conducted before anything can be claimed concretely, but there are people who sing praises of these supplements for those reasons.

What Does CoQ10 Do? What are the Benefits of CoQ10?

CoQ10 potentially comes with a number of benefits and it can do a great deal of good for your bodily health. While a lot more scientific study must be performed in order to confirm many of the suspicions that people hold, it’s highly suspected that CoQ10 can help with a person’s overall health and wellbeing.

Some of this potentially includes supporting a person’s mental focus, promoting healthy aging, and sustaining higher energy levels. Additionally, CoQ10 is suspected to help with health on a more cellular level, even offering potential resilience and vitality to a person’s life.


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