How Much Is 2/3 of a Cup?

Approximately 2.68 ounces or one-third of a cup equals half of two-thirds of a cup. This presupposes that you are dividing two-thirds of a typical 8-ounce cup by half to determine the quantity.

Reasons to Split a Cup in Half

It’s useful to know how to modify a recipe to account for different yields or to adapt it to your measuring utensils if you’re making homemade cleaning products or meals. Imagine you are creating a batch of homemade punch. Two-thirds of a cup of fruit juice is required for the dish.

You want to divide the recipe in half because you don’t need the entire quantity. You’ll need to change the amounts for each of the specified denominations, including the two-thirds cup of fruit juice, to accomplish this.

The concepts listed below can be applied to both wet and dry measures. The computations that follow, however, are all based on wet measures.

Cup’s Ounces in Number

You must first know how many ounces are in the cup in order to calculate how much is half or two-thirds of a cup. The typical measuring cup for recipes has a capacity of 8 ounces.

Calculate what is two-thirds of 8 ounces to start. Specifically, multiply 8 by 0.67. (the approximate decimal form of two-thirds). Once the math is done, you’ll discover that two-thirds of a cup is 5.36 ounces. Divide this sum by two as your next step. The result of two divided by 5.36 is 2.68 ounces.

Reviewing the Solution Using Fractions

You can frame the issue in terms of fractions if you don’t need to know the exact volume of the cup in ounces. You divide a cup into thirds, for instance, when you take two-thirds of it. Then you divide each of these thirds into two by taking two. This leaves you with one-third as your response because you’re dividing these two thirds by two.

Ounces to Tablespoons Conversion

Two-thirds of a cup and a half can also be thought of in terms of tablespoons. It takes two tablespoons to make one ounce. This indicates that a typical cup contains 16 tablespoons. Multiply two by eight to get this information. 10.72 tablespoons is the same as two-thirds of 16 tablespoons. 10.72 divided by 2 equals 5.35 tablespoons.

Ounces to Teaspoons Conversion

A cup can also be thought of in terms of teaspoons. A cup has 48 teaspoons. 32 of these 48 teaspoons make up two-thirds of them. Divide 32 by two to get half of it. You can see that half of two-thirds of a cup is equivalent to 16 teaspoons by multiplying by two.

Cups and Ounces to Milliliters Conversion

The volume of a liquid is measured in millilitres, which are metric units of measurement. The metric system is frequently employed in lab settings even though it isn’t widely used in the United States. Metric measurements are also available on some measuring cups.

Each ounce is equal to 29.57 millilitres, making an 8-ounce cup have a volume of 236.59 millilitres. Two-thirds of a cup has 158.52 millimetres, which can be calculated by multiplying 236.59 by 0.67. Two-thirds of a cup has this many millilitres in it. After that, divide this number by two. The volume of two-thirds of a cup is 79.26 millilitres.

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Misha Khatri is an emeritus professor in the University of Notre Dame's Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. He graduated from Northern Illinois University with a BSc in Chemistry and Mathematics and a PhD in Physical Analytical Chemistry from the University of Utah.


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