How To Become A Monster Truck Driver For Monster Jam

You’ve seen the dirt flying as the trucks race around the course and heard the crowd roar as a monster truck pops a wheelie, and it’s got you thinking that maybe you could drive one of those beasts.

You may think that all it takes is a little skill behind the wheel of a big truck, but there’s a lot more than that needed to be a monster truck driver. Here’s how to become a monster truck driver for Monster Jam.

Get Involved in the Industry

You can purchase an additional ticket to the Pit Party to meet the drivers and crews of Monster Jam. If there’s a related organization in your area, get involved with it to connect with other drivers. You can volunteer to help a driver and crew clean up after an event as a way to get your foot in the door with Monster Jam. Attend as many Monster Jam events as possible, always arriving early and staying late. Many drivers broke into the industry by starting as crew members on another driver’s team.

Create Your Own Monster Truck

Build your own custom monster truck to showcase at local events, fairs, and displays. Enter your beast in as many competitions as possible to get your monster truck seen by others. You can break into the Monster Jam circuit by winning smaller matches and making your truck and driving skills well known. Most events are scored with points for stunts and tricks, including deductions for rollovers and stops. Practice your stunts, such as donuts and wheelies, and get out there to compete against other monster trucks.

Attend Monster Jam University

Monster Jam University in Paxton, Illinois, features Tim Meents, a 12-time monster truck world champion, as the professor. Meents has partnered with the University of Northwestern Ohio (UNOH) to teach drivers the stunts and tricks of the Monster Jam circuit. The course also focuses on staying physically fit to drive these beasts, as well as how to handle yourself during media appearances. Anyone can complete a Monster Jam University application, but talent scouts discover most students at events. Events include local monster truck competitions, drag racing, or motor cross.

Do What You Love

One of the drivers of the infamous Grave Digger monster truck, Morgan Kane, tells future Monster Jam drivers to participate in sports. This participation helps you gain the physical strength and endurance necessary to drive a monster truck. Kane also reminds drivers to actively participate in school to become well-rounded individuals. Finally, he tells future Monster Jam truck drivers to do what they love. A passion for the sport will take you a long way. Kane also quickly points out that every crew member is of equal importance, from the pit crew to the marketing department to the driver.

Becoming a monster truck driver for Monster Jam is no easy feat, and it will take time, talent, and training to break into the industry. Increase your odds of being discovered by participating in local events, attending pit parties, and volunteering at Monster Jam events. You never know when a talent scout is looking for the next driver for Monster Jam University.


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