How To Grow Your Business Using The Latest Technologies?

If you own a business, you’ll already know that you need to keep moving with the times if you want to have a steady stream of customers heading through your doors. And right now, there are a great many new technologies that can help you to do just this, helping you to boost sales and build long-term brand loyalty.

Enhance Your Customer Experience With POS Software

While many people have grown to love the convenience of shopping online during the pandemic, there are so many services for which a traditional bricks and mortar store can still offer the edge. Focus on making your location a “destination” that customers will actively want to visit, by including a coffee shop or food outlet, and using fashionable décor that will make your premises “Instagram worthy.”

In addition to these approaches, investing in the latest POS (Point Of Sale) technology will add an extra dimension to the service you offer. This smart software can manage stock inventory, ensuring that click and collect or home delivery services run seamlessly, while instantly updating the shop floor stock levels. You stay in total control at all times. Your customers get great service.

Use Digital Signage To Supercharge Your Advertising

For a store owner wanting to capture the attention of passers-by, nothing beats the impact of interactive digital signage. Whether you opt for a portable digital A-board to set out on the sidewalk, use digital signs within your store, or even go for a powerful statement video wall, this kind of visual display delivers real results.

Studies show that digital signage has an incredible 83% recall rate amongst viewers, whilst a survey by FedEx found that 8 out of 10 people chose to enter a store after seeing it advertised via digital signage.

And once these customers are through the door, you can use digital signage to convert footfall into sales. Use your signage to display “today only” discounts, or integrate a QR code to encourage online check-ins (which help earn your store coveted Google Maps “Verified Location” status). It all adds up to a host of reasons to try digital signage solutions software.

Introduce Augmented Reality

Giving your customers a modern Augmented Reality (AR) experience can keep them coming back for more. The latest technology helps bricks and mortar stores to keep up with their e-Commerce competitors. AR technology can now be used to aid navigation around your store, being integrated into INT (Indoor Navigation Technology) systems to provide your customers with visual routes to products or departments, right on their smartphone.

Of course, this technology is also a great way to improve efficiency and productivity amongst staff who need to re-stock products by cutting out time wasted on trying to find the right aisle or section. It also speeds up visual merchandising, by giving workers a clear visual as to how a display should be set up, so fewer mistakes are made as a result.

Add Robots To Your Staff

This may sound as though it should be happening way into the future, but in fact, robots are already being used as customer service assistants and they are doing a great job. In 2021, Hyundai introduced robots to help out in its automotive showrooms, where they have been greeting visitors and guiding them to the car model that they want to view.

These smart robots have even been able to advise customers of mask wearing requirements during the pandemic, by using facial recognition technology to identify whether someone is masked or not.

If you aren’t quite ready to switch out your friendly human greeters for an electronic device, there are other ways that robots can help grow your business. Robots equipped with SmartSight technology can identify where stock has been incorrectly placed, aiding in inventory management.

The Customer Is Still Key

The latest technologies can certainly help to power your business, by attracting customers through the door, enhancing order and delivery services, and optimizing the efficiency and productivity of your retail staff.

But, of course, any successful business owner will tell you that these smart solutions are only successful when used with the customer’s experience in mind at all times. One thing that technology will never replace is friendly, personable service that always puts the customer first.


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