How Wide is the United States in Miles?

There are almost 2,800 miles between the easternmost point of the continental United States, West Quoddy Head in Maine, and the westernmost point, Point Arena in California. Hawaii, a state in the Pacific Ocean 2,300 miles off the west coast of the mainland United States, is not included in the calculation. Only Russia, Canada, and China are wider than other countries.

Angle, Minnesota, located near the Canadian border, is where the United States’ continental boundary ends. East Cape, Florida, near Everglades National Park, is the most southerly point.

Points that are the furthest north and south

States by area and population size

The United States is made up of 50 states plus the District of Columbia, also known as Washington, D.C. Rhode Island, which is situated in the New England region along the East Coast, is the smallest state. It is 1,545 square miles in size.

With a total area of 663,268 square miles, Alaska is the largest state in the United States. However, Alaska is not connected to the American mainland. Texas is the largest state in the contiguous United States, with 268,597 miles.

Cities, Largest and Smallest

There are thousands of cities in the United States, which are dispersed among the 50 states. Sitka (2,870 square miles), Juneau (2,702 square miles), Wrangell (2,541 square miles), and Anchorage are the four largest cities in terms of land area (1,704 square miles). With 747 square miles, Jacksonville, Florida, is the fifth-largest city. Based on its 0.09 square miles of territory, Lost Springs, Wyoming, is thought to be the smallest city in the nation.

Maximum and Minimum Points

The highest elevation point in the United States is found in Alaska’s Denali National Park and Preserve. Denali Mountain’s peak rises 20,308 feet above sea level. Eastern California is where the U.S.’s lowest point is located. It’s a location in Death Valley National Park named Badwater Basin. There are -282 feet of elevation.

US land area overall

With a total area of 3,794,083 square miles, the United States is larger than the entire European Union. This contains 181,274 square miles of lakes, rivers, and other bodies of water in addition to 3,537,436 square miles of land. It ranks behind Canada and Russia as the third-largest nation in the globe.

the length of the American coast

Examining the U.S.’s coastline provides another perspective on the country’s size. The nation’s coastline, including shoreline, totals 95,471 miles, including Alaska and Hawaii. Florida comes in second with 8,436 miles of shoreline, while Alaska has the longest at 33,904 miles. The final three states on the list of those with the greatest coastlines are Louisiana, Maine, and California.

State Borders

The 5,525-mile-long northern border of the continental U.S. is with Canada. The United States and Mexico share a 1,954-mile border to the south. The east and west coasts of the nation have no shared borders with any other nations. The Pacific Ocean is located to the west and the Atlantic Ocean is located to the east.

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