Is there a warranty on Big Lots furniture?

Is there a warranty on Big Lots furniture?Big Lots does not provide any guarantees on its furniture or other products or services. Manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors provide warranties on products and services when offered.

According to Big Lots’ warranty disclaimer and liability limit, its products are provided “as is” and “as available,” and the consumer bears entire responsibility for using its website or purchasing any of its products and services. Food, consumables, home décor and decor, toys and clothing, as well as gadgets, are all available at Big Lots.

Big Lots’ inventory is largely made up of discontinued or overstocked items that sell out rapidly with no replenishing; however, the store’s food section is constantly replenished. Big Lots is a discount retailer based in Columbus, Ohio, with 1,495 department shops in 48 states as of September 2015.

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