Five Cases Where Non-Surgical Methods For Pain Management Might Prove Successful

If you have been suffering from any type of pain for a long time, you will be surprised to hear that surgery is not your only option. However, certain non-surgical methods in practice are proven to offer the best resolution for acute pain management.

These treatments work great to control and overcome any type of pain in joints or bones and boost the recovery process after an injury. 

Whether you are struggling with sore knee joints or pain in the wrist, or back pain, you can always start these regenerative medicine treatments and start seeing positive results in no time. It is a long process, but it has its benefits in the long term. Take a look at five medical conditions where regenerative medicine will work perfectly for you:

1. Knee Joint Pain

There are several causes of knee joint pain, including arthritis and degenerative diseases such as osteoarthritis. However, regenerative medicine treatment is the strongest non-surgical option because it encourages bone regeneration and reduces the degeneration of the connective tissues.

Therefore, if you have knee pain, you should do what it takes to overcome this problem using regenerative medicine treatments. Visit QC Kinetix (Wilmington) for more information about regenerative medicine.

2. Wrist Pain

Wrist pain is also not easy to handle with conventional treatments such as medication, surgery, or physical therapy. You will be amazed at how regenerative medicine treatment will work great for your problem because bones and joints are fully regenerated during these treatments. At the same time, their neural tissues (nerve) are also recovered completely. Those treatments are done in Stage 1 of the Regenerative Medicine Protocols.

3. Joint Pain From Car Accidents

If you struggle with joint pain after a car accident, use regenerative medicine treatments to respond effectively to your problem. These treatments will encourage joint regeneration and enhance the healing process in both injured joints and your surrounding connective tissues. Use this treatment plan in Stage 2 of the Regenerative Medicine Protocols for optimum results.

4. Hand Pain Caused by Car Accidents

Suffering from hand pain after a car accident is not easy to deal with, especially if severe enough, because conventional therapies such as medication or physical therapy won’t do much of anything for you in that case. However, if you have car accident pain, you should use regenerative medicine treatments to achieve fast results.

5. Back Pain Caused By Car Accidents

If you have back pain from a car accident and other conditions such as degenerative diseases (osteoarthritis), you should start regenerative medicine treatment for quick results. These treatments boost the quality and quantity of these issues and help your body heal naturally from all the injuries from the accident.

It’s not easy to deal with pain because it affects your body’s ability to work properly. However, if you have any of the conditions mentioned here, you will be able to overcome your problem using regenerative medicine treatments.

These treatments will boost both the quality and quantity of tissues used for healing and accelerates your recovery period after surgery or any other trauma.


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