Here Are All the Important Things You Should Know About Prefab Garage Kits

Do you love having your workshop where you can work on your cars and motorcycles? For gearheads, garages provide an escape from the world outside, giving them a place to pursue their hobby, rest, and relax. It is also the place to store their personal belongings.

If you’re thinking about building a garage, there are two ways to do it. One is the traditional construction method, involving high labor costs, heavy machinery, and taking a considerable amount of time.

The other option is ordering prefab garage kits which enable you to assemble a garage within a few hours without using heavy machinery. The essential components and parts are manufactured by the company at their manufacturing site and delivered to you on a previously agreed-upon date.

Most people nowadays are switching to this construction system because of its several benefits. They provide you with comfort and maximum security and require low maintenance.

However, if you have never ordered a prefab kit before, these are some things you should consider. It will make the process easier and help you get an idea about the process beforehand.

What is a pre-built garage kit?

As mentioned above, it contains the essential pre-built components required to build a workshop. The company manufactures these at their factory after knowing the exact dimensions and building requirements.

Once you receive the kit, you must offload the components and assemble them yourself or hire a technician to help you (if required).

What components will you receive?

One of the top advantages of a prefab garage is the ease with which you can install it. The builder will supply you with the essential components required for the installation.

You will receive:

  • purlin bearing rib (PRB roof panels)
  • galvanized secondary framing components like eaves struts, door headers, purlins, end-wall girth and rafter, and door jams
  • Gutter system for efficient drainage during snow and rain
  • Framed opening with door headers and jambs
  • Smaller doorways and doors (usually available as optional accessories)
  • Base trims for lending the structure an aesthetic appearance and protecting it against harsh weather conditions.
  • Ridge cap panels and peak boxes to cover the roof and provide adequate insulation

Do they come in various color options?

These kits come in different colors. The builder will apply a coat of good quality paint, finishes, and synthetic resins.

You can select from 13 standard wall panel colors like pearl gray, bright red, rustic red, Sahara tan, fern green, and black. Some options available under trim colors are black, gallery blue, Lightstone, burnished slate, and polar white.

What is the warranty for these structures?

The exact warranty period depends on which company you order the kits from. It is better to choose one that offers a warranty of 25 years on roof panels, 40 years on paints, 30 years on limited chalking and paint color, and a lifetime guarantee on stainless steel capped fasteners.

Which materials do the manufacturers use?

Most manufacturers prefer high-tensile steel, which can withstand harsh weather conditions, is immune to corrosion, rust, pests, and termites, enjoys high durability, provides maximum security, and is highly customizable. Steel is also recyclable and cost-effective compared to wood, masonry, and such materials.

Do you require a permit for installation?

You will most likely require a permit to install a garage because it is an accessory structure. However, the permit approval depends on your building’s size, location, and other factors.

If you require a permit, the manufacturer will supply you with the certified engineer drawings stamped by a licensed engineer.

What is the delivery process?

In most cases, you will receive the delivery on a flatbed truck, with the company informing you about the delivery a day in advance. In most cases, you will receive the delivery on a flatbed truck, with the company informing you about the delivery a day in advance.

Prefab garages don’t require heavy machinery for offloading, as a team of six men can easily unload the entire structure in about two hours.

You should order prefab garage kits from a trusted manufacturer who takes your requirements seriously, promises to deliver the components timely, provides you with the drawings and specifications, and guarantees the quality of the products.


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