The Equator passes across which continents?

Australia and Oceania, South America, Africa, and Asia are among the continents through which the Equator travels. In Australia and Oceania, Kiribati; in South America, Ecuador, Colombia, and Brazil; in Africa, Sao Tome and Principe, Gabon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Congo, Kenya, Uganda, and Somalia; and in Asia, Maldives and Indonesia.

Geographically, the world is divided into four hemispheres. The Equator is a hypothetical line that divides the Earth into two horizontal half, establishing the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. The dividing of the earth into two vertical halves by another imaginary line known as the Prime Meridian creates the Western and Eastern Hemispheres.

Australia and Oceania, South America, Asia, Africa, North America, Antarctica, and Europe are the seven major continents of the Earth. At least two hemispheres are represented by each continent, which is a vast continuous tract of land.

The Western and Northern Hemispheres are home to North America; the Southern, Eastern, and Western Hemispheres are home to Antarctica; and the Eastern, Western, and Northern Hemispheres are home to Europe.

Australia and Oceania, which are in both the Southern and Eastern Hemispheres; South America, which is in the Western, Northern, and Southern Hemispheres; and Asia, which is in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres, are among the continents that lie on the equator.

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