What Are a Few Details about Christian singer Marabeth Jordan’s Life?

Former First Call member Marabeth Jordan performs Christian adult contemporary music. She was born in Arkansas and, as of 2015, resides in Nashville, Tennessee.

When Melodie Tunney left the group in 1990 to form a songwriting ministry with her musician husband, Dick Tunney, Jordan took her position as a First Call member. The name of the organisation alludes to its fame in Nashville for being the first to request backing vocals, session singing, and commercial jingles.

Before joining First Call, Jordan was a well-known background vocalist in her own right. Her musical resume lists collaborations with A-list artists including LeeAnn Womack, Joan Baez, and Vince Gill.

Jordan then walked away from First Call. She now paints with acrylics, using simple natural tableaux, dancing girls, flowers, and light abstract expressionism. Through her Nashville studio, Marabath Quinn.com, and FineArtAmerica.com, she offers her artwork.

Some of her works can be found in corporate collections at Nashville’s Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital as well as on the cover of the “Pink” magazine from 2013. She has two children, Jordon and Sophie, from a previous marriage to Paul Salveson, who is now her husband, Casey Quinn. Jordan goes by Quinn on social media and the websites where she sells her artwork.

Sophie, Jordan’s daughter, had a severe stroke in March 2012 that left her with little to no movement on the right side of her body.

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