What are some of the Nabisco cookies that have been discontinued?

Butter Cookies, Mystic Mints, and Marshmallow Sandwiches are among the Nabisco cookies that have been discontinued. The Kettle Cookie was also no longer available in an assortment package.

From the 1940s until the 1960s, Nabisco Marshmallow Sandwiches were very popular. Marshmallow Sandwiches were cookies containing marshmallow in the centre of cake-like cookies with a marzipan flavour, according to many. In the 1970s, Nabisco discontinued the cookies and replaced them with the more famous Mallomars cookie.

Mystic Mints are another Nabisco biscuit that has been discontinued. These Oreo-style cookies with softer cookie pieces and cream in the middle were quite popular in the 1970s. Chocolate mint frosting was used to cover the entire cookie. Mystic Mints are frequently compared to Girl Scout Thin Mints or mint-flavored Oreos.

Butter Cookies, which featured a round flower form with a hole in the middle, were also discontinued by Nabisco. These cookies tasted like butter cookies from Denmark. The cookies were supposedly abandoned by Nabisco because they frequently broke in the packaging and were too costly to create.

Nabisco used to sell assortment packs that are no longer available. Because of the variety of cookies contained in the selection packs, they were marketed for families or parties. Oreos, Butter Cookies, Sugar Wafers, and Kettle Cookies were included in the packets. Because the Kettle Cookie was only sold in this selection box, when Nabisco discontinued it, it was no longer available.

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