What Are the Codes in Parking Mania 2?

In the game “Parking Mania 2,” there are codes that allow players to skip certain levels. 00000 is for level 1, 37912 is for level 7, 73945 is for level 8, 19348 is for level 9, 97123 is for level 10, 29837 is for level 17, 98736 is for level 18, 19723 is for level 19, 67234 is for level 20, 32973 is for level 27, and 43753 is for level 30.

These access codes automatically direct gamers to the appropriate level. To utilise these codes, gamers must go to the title screen and select “Access Code.” They must then enter the 5-digit code and hit “Enter.” The game consists of 30 levels. Each level is regarded as more difficult than the one before it.

The objective of “Parking Mania 2” is to park a car in each level’s designated space. The controls are quite delicate, making the game tough. Each level also has its own set of challenges. These varied obstacles make it difficult to park the car in the designated areas.

“Parking Mania 2” is the sequel to the first game in the series. There are more stages and obstacles in this game than in the original “Parking Mania.”

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