What Caused the Rumor That Kirk Herbstreit and Allison Butler Had Divorced?

The news of Kirk Herbstreit’s alleged romance in 2007 sparked rumours that he had divorced his wife, Allison Butler. There have been numerous rumours that Herbstreit has had extramarital affairs, but no definitive proof has been found. Kirk Herbstreit is still married to Allison Butler as of August 2015.

Herbstreit married Allison Butler, his undergraduate love, in 1998. She was an Ohio State cheerleader and he was a standout quarterback for the Buckeyes. Tye and Jake, identical twins, are the couple’s four children from their marriage.

Until 2011, Herbstreit and Butler lived in Columbus, Ohio. Fans harassed Herbstreit for disparaging his alma institution, Ohio State University, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration. With his family, he relocated to Nashville, Tennessee in 2011. He claims that the move was planned for more than three years and was not a reaction to the supporters’ outrage.

Kirk Herbstreit is an analyst for ESPN’s College GameDay, which covers college football, as of August 2015. He is a college football analyst for ABC and ESPN. He also appears on EA Sports’ NCAA Football every year as a commentator. He was a member of the Ohio State football team as a junior and senior. He was also a good baseball player.

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