What Does “18KT H.G.E.” Mean When Stamped on a Gold Piece?

The marking “18K HGE” on a piece of jewellery indicates that it is made of 18-karat gold electroplated with heavy gold.

The “HGE” portion of the stamp indicates that it is composed of heavy gold electroplate. Brass is another material commonly used in jewellery.

All precious metal jewellery must be marked with a three-digit number, and other markings may also be required. According to Foremost Jewelry, manufacturers frequently place the markings on the packaging or tags rather than on small pieces. Gold-plated jewellery must also be marked or stamped to authenticate the metal’s worth. Other markings for gold electroplate jewellery include “GE,” “EP,” “GEP,” “HE,” and “HGE.”

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