What Does It Mean When a Bird Flies Into Your Home?

What Does It Mean When a Bird Flies Into Your Home?What would you do if a bird flew into your home? Depending on your beliefs, a bird flying into your home could represent something either very good or very bad. Different superstitions exist regarding the presence of birds in the home.

Superstitions Regarding Birds

Since the time of the ancient Romans, birds have been a source of superstition. Ancient Romans studied the appearance and behaviour of birds to interpret the omens they brought.

You Will Receive a Crucial Message

According to one belief, a bird flying into a home signifies that the residents will soon receive an important message. Uncertain is whether the message will be positive or negative.

The Color of the Bird Is Important

For those who believe that birds deliver messages, the colour of the bird indicates the type of message. For instance, a white bird is believed to portend an impending death. Keep in mind that a white bird may not necessarily indicate that someone is going to die. It could signify the demise of an idea or a way of life. It may indicate an impending change.

A black bird portends future misfortune for the family, with a few exceptions. Red birds symbolise ardour, but seeing one in your home could also signify danger or fire.

Both happiness and sadness are represented by blue birds. Occasionally, they simply represent the truth and clarity. Similar to blue birds, yellow birds represent happiness or the pursuit of happiness.

Important is the Bird’s Action

If the bird dies inside the home, it also portends an imminent death. This means that you should never attempt to kill a bird that has entered your home.

A bird that defecates on the head of a resident will, ironically, have good fortune. Obviously, it is simple not to think so at the time this occurs.

Occasionally, a bird continues to fly around, never settling in one location. This is said to indicate that spirits inhabit the home.

It is believed to be fortunate if a black bird builds a nest in one’s home. Ultimately, the bird is attempting to bring new life into the home.

A bird that taps or strikes your window may also be communicating with you. According to superstition, the bird may be attempting to remind you of something. It could also indicate that you have a problem on the horizon that you must solve despite the presence of many obstacles.

Keep Bad Luck at Bay

One belief suggests that homeowners can avoid bad luck and death by excluding all forms of birds from their homes. This implies that wallpaper and artwork should not feature bird patterns. Also, according to superstition, you should not bring an injured or sick bird inside.


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