What Is 2/3 In Decimal Form?

What Is 2/3 In Decimal Form?Two-thirds is 0.667 when rounded to three decimal places in decimal format.

In actuality, the decimal representation of 2/3 is 0.66… Six is followed by an ellipsis to indicate that its repetition is infinite.

The denominator must be changed to 10 to convert a fraction to decimal format. The denominator in the preceding example is three. When rounded to three decimal places, it is multiplied by 3.333 in order to reach ten.

In order to convert 2/3 to a decimal, multiply two and three by 3.333. Three multiplied by 3.333 yields 10, whereas two multiplied by 3.333 yields 6.667 when rounded to three decimal places. The fraction thus becomes 6.667/10. 6.667% divided by 10 yields 0.667

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