In Txt, What Is Ft Stand For?

What is ft stand for – Depending on the context of the message, “Ft” in text is either an abbreviation for “FaceTime” or “featured.” If someone texts you and asks, “Want to ft?” or something similar, they’re probably asking if you’d like to FaceTime them.

What does FT stand for in this context?

Don’t thank us because you now know that FT stands for “F*** That” or “ForTrade.” YW! What does FT stand for? The definition of FT is given above, and it is an acronym, abbreviation, or slang word.

Second, in medical words, what is FT stand for? Foot (abbreviated as ft.) is a unit of length.

Also, what is the abbreviation for FT?

ft. (US) Abbreviation for foot, a length measurement unit.

What does it mean to convert HMU to Ft?

FT stands for FaceTime, and HMU stands for “Hit me up.”

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In a text, what does TF stand for?

TF stands for “The F.” Don’t thank us now that you know TFmeans “The F.” YW! What does TF stand for? The acronym, abbreviation, or slang word TF is discussed above, along with the TF definition.

What does the abbreviation FT stand for?

FTS stands for “fuck this (or that)shit,” meaning extreme annoyance.

What exactly is WYD stand for?

The acronym Wyd is a text-speak abbreviation. “What(are) you doing?” is a phrase that means “What(are) you doing?” It was initially defined in 2009 by Urban Dictionary. Wyd can be a literal question aimed at discovering what another person is up to.

In a text message, what does HP stand for?

You harry potterfreaks potterhealth points (video games)if the txt message is about a game, it would most likely be health or hithp means ‘harry potter,’ so now you know don’t thankus.

What does the acronym OFC stand for?

Without a doubt

What is the meaning of FTN?


Acronym Definition

Free the Nukes (FTN)

Ted Nugent, FTN Freak (polite form of song by Goldfinger)

Future Tactical Network (FTN)

Forget the Navy, says FTN (polite form)

What does FT stand for on Snapchat?

If you’re looking for work online, ft/Ft might refer to either full-time or full-time work. In terms of abbreviations, ft/FT can refer to foot/Foot or feet/Feet, as well as the British newspaper “The Financial Times.”

What does FT stand for before a name?

Q: Why is the suffix ‘ft’ added to some names? The word fort is abbreviated as Ft. Afort is a military installation. Many communities in the United States bear the name of the military base that served as the site of the first English settlement. The base is frequently given a name after a person.

In texting, what is LDK stand for?

The phrase I don’t know is abbreviated as Idk. Idkis are frequently used in casual communication, such as text messaging. There are no official capitalization standards for words like dunno.

In accounting, what does FT stand for?

Joe Turek has a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Florida Atlantic University. Answered on September 28, 2019 Author has 754 responses with a total of 119.8k views. It appears that PT and P/T denote part-time employment, while FT denotes full-time employment.

Is FT an abbreviation for “featuring”?

“Ft.” or “Feat.” indicates that the artist or artists named after it are being featured. It indicates they contribute to the song’s creation, whether through music production, playing an instrument, or singing.

What does F t stand for in the workplace?

Freelance: You’re applying to do some work for the business, but they won’t hire you as an employee, which has implications for your rights and tax obligations. FT:Full-time. Internship: A job that you undertake mostly for the experience rather than the money, which means you’ll be paid less – or nothing at all.

What does it mean to have a Free Trade Agreement (FTA)?

A free trade agreement (FTA) establishes unrestricted exchange and flow of products and services between trading partners, regardless of member countries’ national borders. FTAs do not handle cross-border labour mobility, common currencies, consistent standards, or other shared policies like taxes.

What exactly does s u imply?

What does the letter SU stand for?

Rank is an abbreviation for rank.

Shut Up (SU)

Sonic Unleashed SU Sonic Unleashed SU Sonic Unleashed SU (video game)

SU SU SU SU SU SU SU SU SU (website)

Straight Up (SU)


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