What Is the Average NHL Hockey Game Length?

The average length of an NHL hockey game is two hours and twenty minutes, including all stoppages and the 60-minute regulation time. Many people think of hockey as a fast-paced sport, and while that is true, an NHL game has an average of 81 stoppages.

Three 20-minute quarters make up regulation time, which does not include any overtime. Offsides, icings, goals, penalties, TV timeouts, and other unintentional stoppages all contribute to the overall length of the game. Only the NBA has games that are shorter on average than the NHL when compared to other American sports.

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Misha Khatri
Misha Khatri is an emeritus professor in the University of Notre Dame's Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. He graduated from Northern Illinois University with a BSc in Chemistry and Mathematics and a PhD in Physical Analytical Chemistry from the University of Utah.


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