What Is the KPH Rate for Data Entry Jobs on Average?

Although the average 10-key KPH (keystrokes per hour) speed is close to 8,000, some firms would test potential hires to see whether they can hit a certain KPH threshold. This minimum is normally 10,000 KPH with a 99.9% or greater accuracy rate.

If an applicant travels at a pace of 12,000 to 15,000 KPH, for example, the accuracy criteria may be lowered to between 97 and 98 percent. One should attempt to raise their KPH for a data entry position to roughly 15,000 in order to be eligible for the bulk of employment available. Before applying for a job, always confirm that the employer has additional requirements above the minimum KPH.

Misha Khatri
Misha Khatri is an emeritus professor in the University of Notre Dame's Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. He graduated from Northern Illinois University with a BSc in Chemistry and Mathematics and a PhD in Physical Analytical Chemistry from the University of Utah.


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