What Other Batteries Compare to a GP189 Battery?

The Kodak KA54, Panasonic LR54, Rayovac 89, Energizer 189, 389A, and BLR41 batteries are all interchangeable with the GP 189 battery. The Eveready 189 and any battery with the digits 1130, 1131, 89, or 189 are additional equivalent batteries. Other batteries with the AG10 or AG-10 designation are also appropriate.

A typical use for the GP-189 battery is in watches, calculators, cameras, and toys. It is a tiny, button-cell, alkaline battery with a 1.5-Volt capacity. As well as novelty goods, light-up magnifiers, and laser pointers, it is utilised in these.

The battery is 11.6 millimetres in diameter and 3.05 millimetres height. It has a 0.09 pound weight. There are some alternatives to silver oxide on the above list, which is not all-inclusive. Visit www.24hourbatteries.com to view all models that are compatible.

Misha Khatri
Misha Khatri is an emeritus professor in the University of Notre Dame's Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. He graduated from Northern Illinois University with a BSc in Chemistry and Mathematics and a PhD in Physical Analytical Chemistry from the University of Utah.


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