What problems did Rosa Parks have to deal with?

Rosa Parks, who was black, had to deal with personal and financial problems because she broke segregation laws in the South by not giving up her bus seat to a white passenger. She was put in jail for being rude, but she was soon let out. When her case got a lot of attention, she lost her job as a seamstress, but she went on to become a Civil Rights icon.

Rosa Parks refused to give up her bus seat for a white passenger on December 1, 1955, when the white bus driver, James Blake, told her to. This happened in Montgomery, Alabama. She went to jail because she broke the city’s segregation laws.

Parks had trouble paying her bills when her white employer fired her from her job as a seamstress because of the attention her case got. But Rosa Parks eventually became a well-known figure around the world and was able to travel the world to talk about the Civil Rights movement.

The arrest of Rosa Parks led to a huge protest called the Montgomery Bus Boycott. For 381 days, hundreds of black people didn’t take public transportation. Instead of taking the bus, many black people chose to walk or carpool to their destinations. This hurt the Southern bus transit system’s finances.

Parks was also a secretary for the Montgomery chapter of the NAACP at the time she was arrested. Critics say that Rosa Parks, who had light skin, was chosen by Civil Rights leaders to represent black maids, most of whom had dark skin, because they thought a light-skinned black woman would be a better representative for the issue.

Even though several black people had broken the same laws and been jailed months before Parks’ arrest, NAACP organisers said that Parks was the best person to fight the legal proceedings that came with her arrest.

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