What “Ultimate Flash Sonic” Cheats Are There?

The password selection screen in “Ultimate Flash Sonic” requires users to input 595313131313131 in order to unlock every cheat and character. With this, you may play Sonic Run 2, Moon Gravity, and Jukebox, to name a few. Players cannot use the cheat feature until they have completed Acts 1 and 2.

Instead of utilising the master unlock code, gamers can enter separate codes if they don’t want to unlock every cheat. In order to make Knuckles a playable character, for instance, users must input the password 115310101010101. While Cream may be unlocked with code 115013101010101, Tails cannot.

A fan-made Sonic game called “Ultimate Flash Sonic” aims to replicate the enjoyment of playing Sonic games with official licences. The objective is to collect rings while avoiding adversaries and moving quickly, just like in the official games.

Because of its reasonable controls and inclusion of various characters from the Sonic universe, the game is regarded as one of the better Sonic Flash games.

Adobe Flash-compatible web browsers are required to play the game. Players manoeuvre Sonic with the arrow keys and make him jump with the space bar because the controls are keyboard-based.

By pressing the space bar while holding down the down arrow, players can also perform Sonic’s spin dash. By using the enter key, the game can be halted whenever you choose.

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