What Was Robin’s Favorite Batman Remark?

One of Robin’s many exclamations to Batman that begins with “Holy” is legendary. In tight situations, Robin would repeat these exclamations, which he would generally follow up with “Batman, what do we do now?”

“Holy Smokes,” “Holy Hamlet,” “Holy Hollywood,” “Holy Jackpot,” “Holy Jet Set,” “Holy Shucks,” “Holy Cosmos,” “Holy Iodine,” “Holy Cold Creeps,” and “Holy Houdini” are just a few of the statements Robin has spoken to Batman. In the 1960s Batman television series, Burt Ward played Robin, who had a nasal voice and said the “Holy” catchphrase. The catchphrases, which were frequently tied to the plot, grew in popularity and were widely used in the American lexicon.

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Misha Khatri
Misha Khatri is an emeritus professor in the University of Notre Dame's Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. He graduated from Northern Illinois University with a BSc in Chemistry and Mathematics and a PhD in Physical Analytical Chemistry from the University of Utah.


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