Where Is the 877 Area Code?

A North American exchange with no assigned geographic location is the 877 area code. It is designated as a toll-free number instead.

A Toll-Free Number: What Is It?

A three-digit exchange known as a toll-free number can be called for free from a landline. When a person needs to contact a company that is not in their immediate neighbourhood, it eliminates the cost of a long-distance call. Instead, the person or organisation that owns the number is charged for these expenses.

Customer service departments frequently use toll-free numbers as a means for people to get in touch with businesses without having to pay a fee. They are also seen as a technique to boost a company’s credibility and draw clients from a wider geographic area.

What Do Toll-Free Numbers Mean?

The 877 area code is not the only one that offers free calls. Six additional toll-free numbers are available: 800, 833, 844, 855, 866, and 888. Every few years, new toll-free numbers are added to the rotation based on demand. The code 822 will be added to the rotation as the following number. Although 811 comes just after 822, it will never be used as a toll-free exchange because it is already in some locations used for governmental info lines.

Where Can I Find a Toll-Free Number?

It is possible to purchase toll-free numbers from large phone carriers. Check with any phone provider that provides landline service to obtain a number.

The Federal Communications Commission is in charge of regulating toll-free numbers (FCC). The FCC requires that these numbers be transferable even if it does not assign them. This indicates that a company may switch service providers for their phone number.

Are Toll-Free Numbers Acceptable Abroad?

Toll-free lines are free to call within the United States and Canada, but they might not be free to call from other countries. For making a toll-free call from outside the country, there can be an additional charge because international rates and fees are applicable. Due to the higher costs associated with international calls, some toll-free carriers restrict them. It’s advisable to use a non-toll-free number if you need to call a company from abroad.

Area Code Background

In 1947, AT&T and Bell Laboratories created the first area codes. The area codes, also known as the North American Numbering Plan (NANP), were three-digit numbers that were issued to states and other regions in accordance with population density.

There were 86 area codes at first. The United States currently has 335 area codes. In Canada, there are an additional 42. The NANP now has participation from 25 different nations.

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