Which Quest Diagnostics Locations Are Open on Saturdays?

Which Quest Diagnostics Locations Are Open on Saturdays? – Patients can locate a Quest Diagnostics location that is open on Saturday by conducting a location search on Quest Diagnostics’ website. The search generates a list of nearby locations and their hours. Quest Diagnostics notes that not all laboratory locations are open on Saturdays.

According to Quest Diagnostics, patients who visit a Quest Diagnostics location for lab testing can schedule an appointment online, but this is not required. Patients who visit a Quest Diagnostics location without an appointment should consider arriving after 10 a.m. to reduce wait times.

Quest Diagnostics recommends that patients bring their health insurance card and a completed lab request form from their physician. Patients may be instructed to fast prior to laboratory testing, depending on the specific test.

Quest Diagnostics provides a variety of testing services, including blood testing, body fluid testing, tissue pathology and cytology, health screening, and drug testing. Quest Diagnostics explains that health care providers typically receive test results within 24 hours of receiving the sample.

The majority of patients can access their lab results online or through their physician’s office. Patients may also contact Quest Diagnostics to request a copy of their laboratory results.

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