Who is the real John Q. Archibald, and how long has he been behind bars?

Denzel Washington played John Q. Archibald in the 2002 film John Q. Archibald. The title guy holds a hospital emergency room hostage in order to obtain a heart transplant for his ailing son. There is no such person as John Q. He did not commit a crime and did not serve any jail time.

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The Movie: Fact vs. Fiction

In the film, John’s kid requires a heart transplant, and he goes to great lengths to ensure that his son receives the care he requires despite his inability to pay for it. This scenario sparked discussion regarding the plausibility of someone committing the crime of kidnapping someone in exchange for medical treatment.

Even the director and star of the film stated in an interview that John’s acts in the film are severe. This is a reasonable assumption, because those without insurance have other options for paying for medical treatment.

Felony of Class 2

Although John Q is a fictional plot, his activities in the film represent actual criminal offences. The title character was accused of attempted murder, armed criminal action, and kidnapping in the film. Kidnapping is a Class 2 crime in Illinois, and he was found guilty of it.

If John Q. had been a real person, he could have been sentenced to three to seven years in prison. Several circumstances, however, may affect the judge’s final decision.

A Heart Transplant’s Price

A heart transplant is an expensive treatment that can cost upwards of $1 million. Patients must pay for anti-rejection medication, transportation, and living fees in addition to the surgical cost. These expenses can be covered by private insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, advocacy groups, charitable organisations, or fundraising initiatives.

They may be able to cover the entire cost of the operation in some situations. Others may have to cover some of the costs themselves. m

I’m awaiting a heart transplant.

The doctors in the film work swiftly to identify a suitable heart. Some patients may have to wait over a year for a heart to become available. Because there is such a short amount of time to complete the process, the surgery is performed as quickly as feasible.

They might even stay at or near the hospital throughout the waiting time, particularly if they live far away. They must stay within a short distance of the hospital for at least the first several weeks after the procedure.

A True Story John Q

Although the film is fictional, a similar incident occurred in Texas. George Pickering used a firearm to force his way into a hospital where his son was on life support in 2015.

He was concerned that the hospital team was removing the young guy from life support and harvesting his organs for transplantation too rapidly. The father surrendered to authorities, was charged with a crime in state jail, and spent time for his acts.

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