Why do the front legs of my puppy shake?

According to PetMD, dogs experience shaking and leg tremors as a result of a medical problem or because they are scared. In addition, certain dogs are vulnerable to involuntary tremors due to genetics.

According to WebMD, puppies with trembling in their legs or other places and who have not been properly vaccinated may develop distemper. Coughing, fever, and a runny nose are all symptoms of distemper, a viral infection. Antibiotics, fluid hydration, airway dilators, and physical therapy are all used to treat distemper.

Certain kinds of dogs are prone to shaking due to a condition known as GTS, or General Tremor Syndrome. GTS affects dogs between the ages of nine months and two years, with the Maltese, West Highland terrier, Chow Chow, Dalmatian, Doberman pinscher, English bulldog, Samoyed, Labrador retriever, and springer spaniel breeds being most affected. Corticosteroids are used to treat this disease.

Young dogs can have the shakes after ingesting something hazardous, such a plant. Another cause of shaking is nausea. Other indicators of nausea, according to WebMD, include salivation, loss of energy, lip smacking, and vomiting. When these symptoms appear, owners should contact an emergency veterinarian right away.

Leg trembling can occur for a variety of reasons. If a dog is otherwise healthy, consuming a well-balanced food, and nothing else appears to be causing a significant reaction, the shaking could be a physical peculiarity. A veterinarian is the best resource for determining the reason of leg shaking.

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