Why Does My Faeces Have A Skunky Odour?

The smell of faeces is usually unpleasant. The odour of foul-smelling faeces is extremely intense and unpleasant. Foul-smelling faeces are often caused by the foods people eat and the bacteria in their colon. Foul-smelling faeces might cause diarrhoea, bloating, or flatulence.

Similarly, one may wonder if colon cancer has an odour.

This stench is caused by the release of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the circulation. VOCs can be used as an indicator of the existence of colorectal cancer due to the distinct odour; we can employ scent detection to screen for colorectal cancer (De Boer).

What foods induce foul-smelling stools, for example? Here’s a list of foods high in sulphur:


Coconut milk, juice, and oil are all used in this recipe.

Cruciferous veggies are cruciferous vegetables (bok choy, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, horseradish, kale, kohlrabi, mustard leaves, radish, turnips, watercress)

Dairy products (except butter)

Fruits that have been dried



Legume is a type of legume (beans)

What does bowel cancer poop smell like, by the way?

While poo has a distinct odour, you’ve probably developed a sense of what your own stool should smell like. However, a change in the smell of your faeces could be an indication of intestinal cancer. Other changes in your stool could be a sign of cancer as well. A black or red stool could suggest a more serious problem.

Is it possible for excrement to be odourless?

“Stool that sinks or floats doesn’t always mean there’s a problem,” he explained. Though the smell of faeces might be unpleasant, unusual or foul odours should not be overlooked. “It’s difficult to convince people that stool may smell even worse,” Raufman remarked.

Related Questions

How does cancer poop appear?

It stated that your poop should be smooth and soft. A sausage-shaped stool with either smooth or minor fissures on the surface is ideal. However, a mushy stool or one that is completely liquid could indicate intestinal cancer.

Can you detect cancer on your own skin?

Cancer cannot be smelled, although some of the symptoms connected with cancer can be detected. An ulcerating tumour is one example. Ulcerating tumours are quite uncommon. It’s very likely that if you have one, it will have an awful odour.

What does a colon cancer patient’s stool look like?

Stools with a small calibre (narrow) or ribbon-like appearance. Constipation. After a bowel movement, a sensation of incomplete evacuation. Rectal discomfort is a symptom of colon cancer that usually implies a large tumour in the rectum that has spread through the colon’s submucosa and has the potential to infiltrate surrounding tissue.

What are the signs and symptoms of colon cancer in its early stages?


A chronic change in bowel habits, such as diarrhoea or constipation, or a change in stool consistency.

Rectal bleeding or blood in the stool are both signs of rectal bleeding.

Consistent stomach pain, cramps, gas, or bloating.

Feeling as if your bowels aren’t totally empty.

Weakness or exhaustion.

Weight loss that hasn’t been explained.

What is the odour of cervical cancer?

Foul Smell, Vaginal Discharge

Another symptom of cervical cancer is a foul-smelling vaginal discharge caused by the illness. This constant discharge could be pale, watery, brown, or bloody.

Is it possible for colon cancer to go unnoticed for a long time?

Screening is critical for early identification of colon cancer because early stages might go undiagnosed for years. Individuals at average risk for colon cancer should have a screening test every ten years, according to the American Cancer Society.

Is it colon cancer or IBS that I have?

Constipation, the feeling of still needing to go to the bathroom after a bowel movement, and changes in bowel movements are all symptoms and signs of colon cancer (colorectal cancer) and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Rectal bleeding is caused by colon cancer, but not by IBS.

What are the symptoms of colon cancer in stage 4?

Stages and symptoms of colon cancer




Right side of the abdomen or stomach pain.



Swelling in the abdomen.

There is blood in the faeces.

What’s the deal with my bottom leaking?

The lack of control of the anal sphincters is known as anal leakage or anal seepage. It occurs when the anal muscles fail to operate effectively to retain a stool in place, resulting in irritation. Leakage can take the form of faeces, rectal fluid, mucus, or blood in various forms. Damage to the muscles.

Is a flat poop usually a sign of cancer?

Consult your doctor if your faeces used to be large but are now always pencil thin and difficult to pass. The bowel narrows as a result of certain types of colon cancer, as do your bowel motions. Thin stools aren’t always indicative of malignancy.

What is the odour of C diff?

Takeaway. If you have Clostridioides difficile infection (CDI), you may experience diarrhoea with a peculiar odour, which some people describe as sickeningly sweet.

Is there an odour to skin cancer?

According to Michelle Gallagher, PhD, George Preti, PhD, and colleagues, skin cancer has a particular “odour profile.” Organic compounds are released by the skin, many of which have a particular odour.

Is it possible to have bowel cancer without having any symptoms?

The majority of persons who experience these symptoms do not have bowel cancer. a chronic alteration in bowel habits with no blood in the stools but stomach pain Other haemorrhoid symptoms, such as soreness, discomfort, pain, itching, or a lump hanging down outside the back channel, are not present.

Is back discomfort caused by colon cancer?

Lower back pain can be caused by cancers of the stomach, colon, or rectum. The discomfort is felt in the lower back and radiates from the cancer location. Other symptoms, such as abrupt weight loss or blood in the stool, may be present in people with certain cancer types.

What is the odour of giardia?

Acute giardiasis symptoms include frequent watery diarrhoea that subsequently turns oily and foul-smelling, as well as bloating, abdominal cramping, and passing gas (flatulence). Grainy, foul-smelling, yellowish diarrhoea, weight loss, and abdominal pain are all indications of chronic diarrheal disease.

Do you have colon cancer and bleed all the time?

The majority of colon malignancies bleed, albeit slowly. Although the excrement may be stained or mixed with blood, the blood is generally invisible. Bleeding during a bowel movement is the most common early symptom of rectal cancer.

What does a stool that looks like a ribbon mean?

Stringy faeces is characterised by excrement that is thin or narrow, like ribbon strips. It could be due to a brief, non-serious cause, such as a bad diet, or it could be a symptom of an underlying ailment or disease, according to doctors. Stool and bowel habits are strong predictors of a person’s general health.


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